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How to receive life insurance upon death?


Feb 25, 2023

Knowing how to receive life insurance upon death is a concern that plagues most policyholders. However, the biggest concern is mainly on the part of the beneficiaries, as the vast majority are already aware that despite the loss, there are measures that need to be taken at that moment. 

The question of how to receive life insurance upon death is directly linked to the question of how to take out life insurance, there is some confusion about the subject, as many people believe that this process is laborious, complex and loaded with bureaucracy. However, in both cases, everything can be resolved quickly, facilitating the process at such a painful time. So follow our article today to learn how to receive life insurance for death .

Documents required to receive life insurance by death

Generally, the documents needed to start life insurance, as well as receiving life insurance upon death, are important and should not be treated lightly. It is important to pay attention to documentation and this attention is essential to avoid unpleasant situations. For example, a simple blurring of interactions can lead to unnecessary delay during processes. 

Although the documentation is different in the case of getting life insurance, as well as receiving life insurance due to death , since to become a life insurance holder you usually need your RG and CPF, in addition to proof of residence.

Usually the required documents refer to family information. In the case of a holder with a spouse and children, for example, information and documentation belonging to the children and spouse may be required. The reason for requesting this information is the production of the insurance policy, with the values, requirements, conditions and necessary information correctly. 

Main doubts of beneficiaries to receive life insurance

Knowing this, doubts may arise for the holder and his beneficiaries. And now, how to receive life insurance in case of death? Will all this information influence in any way? Will these family documents be needed again? What about a childless person? 

What about a person with a spouse but no children? What if the holder is not deceased but has suffered from a serious illness? Or who knows, if the holder has had an accident serious enough to prevent the holder from continuing his life as before the accident? How do you proceed when receiving life insurance for death in all these cases?  

Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered right now!

What if the holder is not deceased but has suffered from a serious illness?

In cases of accident or illness that could make life difficult or drastically modify the holder’s life, it is possible that the redemption of the life insurance is requested, which despite allowing financial support is not the same process followed in the case of death. 

Mainly bearing in mind that in cases of illness, accidents or situations where the holder is still alive, a brief presentation of the documents referring to those used to take out life insurance is necessary. In addition, it is also necessary that there be an analysis of the case so that there is payment for the specific case, varying according to the value of your policy.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reliable and transparent insurer, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises at such an emotionally complicated time as this one.

But after all, how to receive life insurance for death in the event of the death of the holder?

There are different requirements based not only on different insurers, but also according to the documents previously presented at the time of registration of ownership. 

However, observing the options that are described below, it is possible to have a brief base of documents necessary to receive life insurance in case of death, based on what information and documents were presented by you or the insurance holder during the effectiveness of the policy. . 

In all cases, generally the required information or documentation is separated into three groups. Copies, declarations and authorizations. Being them:


  • Authenticated death certificate.
  • Official document attesting disability. 
  • Marriage or Birth Certificate. 
  • Birth certificate of beneficiaries under 18 years of age.
  • CPF of beneficiaries who are between 16 and 18 years old. 
  • CPF and RG of beneficiaries over 18 years old.
  • Proof of residence for beneficiaries over 18 years old.

In the case of copies of the holder’s birth or marriage certificate, it is necessary that the copy be made from the updated version for the period after the holder’s death. It also needs to be available along with personal data such as RG and CPF.


  • declaration of heirs

The insurer can always provide beneficiaries with a model of declaration documentation. For this, it is only necessary that the beneficiary be contacted to the insurer, requesting the model of documentation for the declaration of heirs.


  • Credit authorization.

As well as the document model for the declaration of heirs, the document referring to the credit authorization for payment of the amount can also be obtained through a request to the insurer. This authorization is essential for the payment of the amount related to life insurance, regardless of whether it is a payment related to death or disability. Therefore, the authorization must be made with a secure bank account, where only the beneficiary has access. 


Knowing this, it becomes easier to understand how to receive life insurance by death . Therefore, having all the documents mentioned above at hand, you can now contact your insurer and file an insurance claim for your policy.

After reading the content, do you have any questions about how to receive life insurance by death ? Contact us, we are ready to help and guide you in the best possible way. Follow our blog and always stay well informed with the best content about insurance.