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How to get Life Insurance? See the step by step


Feb 25, 2023

Want to know how to get life insurance? See this complete step-by-step that we prepared for you!

Life insurance is the best way to have a more peaceful life, protect your family and your assets. In addition to covering medical expenses, serious illnesses and hospital per diems, taking out life insurance allows you to redeem the amount invested, be exempt from Income Tax and receive Funeral Assistance. Want something better than that?

There are many advantages but many people do not even know where to start when it comes to hiring these benefits

And it’s with that in mind that in today’s post we’re going to show you in 6 super simple steps on how to get life insurance ! Come on?

How to get life insurance in 6 steps!

As simple as it is, many people still have questions about how to get life insurance . Doubts range from the simplest to the most complex, and all bring up the fear of hiring. After all, scams involving life insurance are quite famous.

But today, in order to help you SAFELY take out life insurance, we separate a super simple step-by-step for you. See below!

1. Understand what life insurance is

First, it is important that you understand that there are different types of insurance on the market and it is very common for them to be confused with each other.

For example, the most common case is that many people think that life insurance is the same as accident insurance / personal accident insurance — on the contrary, the differences between them are great and therefore you must know which is which.

Accident insurance / personal accident insurance draws attention to being cheaper! In fact, it has a more affordable value, but as the name implies, coverage is only for personal accidents, natural death does not include coverage.

Life insurance, as the name implies, is complete and refers to the risk of death more comprehensively, covering various serious illnesses, accidents, natural death, permanent or temporary disability, and among others, excluding example only cases like suicide .

In the moment of excitement, we can end up hiring by mistake and regret it later. So now you already know how to differentiate if you are being offered life insurance or insurance only for accidents.

2. Choose the coverage that’s right for you

Life insurance is aligned to your needs! You are the one who chooses the best coverage for you, according to your profile, family, assets, profession, etc.

It is important that you know that the basics are coverage for death, and this policy may be mandatory in some insurers. Now the other coverages are at your discretion, whether it makes sense for you to purchase or not.

In general, when it comes to toppings, we separate the most chosen by customers. See below:

  • Death (natural or accidental);
  • Compensation in case of serious illness;
  • Total or Partial Permanent Disability due to Accident (IPA);
  • Medical, Hospital and Dental Expenses (DMHO);
  • Total Permanent Disability by Accident (IPTA);
  • Per diems for Temporary Disability (DIT);
  • Permanent Disability due to Major Accident (IPAM);
  • Per diems per Hospital Admission (DIH);
  • Total Permanent Functional Disability due to Illness (IFPD);
  • Funeral Assistance ;
  • Total Permanent Labor Disability due to Illness (ILPD);
  • Coverage of your children’s or your own educational expenses (disability);
  • Credit life insurance (payment of remaining debts).

Lots of toppings, right? Therefore, research well about each one of them before hiring. Take into account the lifestyle you and your family lead and make the choice thinking about everyone and in the long term.

3. Look for a reliable insurer

As we mentioned above, unfortunately many people fall for life insurance scams. Just as insurers are also victims of scams. In one case, the victims sign contracts and pay monthly to a ”phantom insurance company”, who are nothing more than embezzlers. And in the other, insurers are victims of customers who fake accidents to be compensated. Very complicated, don’t you agree?

According to SUSEP (Superintendence of Private Insurance) , any telephone call, e-mail or contact made by a person identifying himself as a representative of SUSEP, the National Council of Private Insurance (CNSP) or other bodies and entities of the insurance sector, when pre-payment is requested, this is an attempted scam and must be reported to them immediately.

Therefore, when meeting an insurer, check with SUSEP if the company is acting legally and consult websites such as Reclame aqui and Procon to find out about the reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Read the contract carefully and clear all your doubts before signing

Read the contract carefully and ask any questions you may have. Do not disregard any unknown words and do not fall under the pressure of signing the contract without first analyzing it calmly.

Usually the contract is presented by the broker, in order to show in detail the proposal and general conditions of life insurance.

It should be clear what the policy lacks , how far life insurance protects you, what are the coverages and risks excluded, and others.

And remember, before signing any contract, research the company, as we mentioned above.

5. Calculate the compensation in case of a claim

Compensation is one of the first things we ask the broker. Because in many cases, our main interest is the insured capital (money we will receive in the event of an accident).

Regarding the insured capital, the holder can define whether his dependents will receive the indemnity at once or monthly. But how to calculate the insured capital? It’s easy, this calculation the insurer should also do for you.

But on average, the amount of compensation is 3 to 10 times the value of your annual income.

6. Don’t forget the documents

Last but not least, the documents are so valuable to the point that the compensation can be lost if the dependents do not present the holder’s documents to the insurer, within the stipulated period, also provided for in the contract.

All documents relating to insurance must be kept in a place known to the whole family. Because everyone will be needed at the time of activation in case of death, disability, serious illness, etc.

Did you see how easy it is to get life insurance?

We hope we helped you learn how to get life insurance ! Following all these steps, there is no mistake.

All you have to do is know which coverages you are taking out, if the insurer is reliable, clear up all your doubts and keep ALL the documents of the insurance and the holder, so that it is easy for your dependents to find them. Doing all this is success for sure

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