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Accidental Death Insurance: See how it works


Feb 25, 2023

Accidental death life insurance is one of the most well-known life insurance coverages. And even though natural death insurance coverage and accidental death insurance coverage are often confused, it is necessary that you know their differences. Even because the documents needed to deliver to the insurers in each case are totally

Like most insurance, the function of accidental death life insurance is to protect the family and keep them out of any debt that may arise after a major loss. And of course, we know that this is a delicate subject, but it is necessary to think about the future and how we will react in the face of an unexpected situation.

Accidental death insurance ensures that, if the holder dies, he or she will be responsible for paying compensation to dependents. But, so that no doubt arises on this subject, we have separated this article for you! Let’s go?

What is accidental death?

First, it is considered accidental death from the moment the reason for death is caused by an accident, more specifically caused by an unexpected event.

The definition of accidental death is very well represented by car accidents, which can happen by collision, overturning, overturning, etc. But, accidents at work are also part of what is considered accidental death, when the insured person is subject to falls, shocks, crushing, etc.

With regard to work, what many people do not know is that there is no work without the risk of accidents. So every job needs accidental death insurance .

Therefore, the definition of an accident is much longer than we imagine, because even being struck by lightning, which is one of the most random situations that exist, can happen.

In conclusion, bringing to the legal definition, it is considered accidental death when the event is sudden, involuntary and violent, with an exact date and that directly results in the death of the holder.

What is the definition of natural death?

Natural death is well known for being one of the first life insurance coverages. Usually this type of death is caused by a pathological nature (some disease or malfunction of some organ), but even if it is sudden, it is not considered accidental .

But why is it not considered accidental death?

Because in most cases, it can be prevented, identified and treated in advance. For example, in cases of heart attack, we always hear that the individual felt short of breath for days and did not go to the doctor – and for that reason, it is not considered accidental.

Accidental death is also understood as death whose complications result from: 

  • pregnancy; 
  • childbirth; 
  • abortion; 
  • food poisoning.

In the case of septic shock, well known as a generalized infection, bacteria spread throughout the body quickly, affecting various organs and potentially leading to death.

In this case, it is not considered an accidental death, since most of the time (if not almost all), the individual was already receiving treatment for some other diagnosis. Therefore, it was not sudden, involuntary and violent, with an exact date and which has the direct consequence of death or permanent disability.

How does accidental death insurance work ?

Accidental death insurance works in a very simple way! Because from the first payment that the insured makes, he is already within all insurance coverage, including insurance for accidental death .

However, there are situations in which accidental death insurance will not be triggered, such as:

  1. any act of war in which the holder participates, such as terrorism or any other type of public disturbance;
  2. use of nuclear material, which can cause direct accidents, such as explosions, or indirect accidents, such as radioactive contamination;
  3. any illegal competition in any type of vehicle, whether motor or aircraft, for example: racing;
  4. typhoons (cyclones), volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves;
  5. any direct consequence of an unlawful act is usually excluded from insurance coverage and any dangerous act, known to have been committed by the insured and not motivated by a justified need.

How do I apply for accidental death insurance ?

To claim compensation for accidental death, it is necessary to present a list of documents of the holder and even of his family. Therefore, it is important to store and leave it in an easily accessible place. See below the list of documents required in case of accidental death:

  1. Insurance certificate;
  2. Death certificate;
  3. Birth or marriage certificate;
  4. Identity card and CPF;
  5. Proof of address;
  6. FGTS collection guide;
  7. Last payslip;
  8. Social Security information for the month prior to the claim;
  9. Declaration of beneficiaries;
  10. Police incident report;
  11. IML cadaveric examination report;
  12. Report of toxicological examination and alcoholic dosage;
  13. Police inquiry in case of homicide.

In this way, the family has up to three years to present these documents to the insurer. And from the moment the dependents deliver all the documents, the insurer has up to 30 days to pay the compensation amount. But, if any document delivered is illegible, the 30-day period is suspended and it will be necessary to review the documents delivered. Therefore, when the documents are correct, the deadline runs again.

How important is it to have accidental death insurance?

Many people don’t know, but taking out life insurance is the guarantee of financial and heritage protection for the family.

This benefit is very important for those who have children and dependents who would not be able to deal with the unforeseen event of a death. For example: if the insured person dies, the family will be able to appeal and have help with all necessary expenses and procedures, such as  Funeral Assistance .

In addition, the release of compensation from the insurer does not require any type of bureaucracy, just proof of death through documents.

And even more! You can count on the reimbursement of medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and dental expenses during the treatment of the holder. Of course, limited to your capital. It is very advantageous to have hospital fees covered, as a night in the hospital can reach up to R$ 10,000

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